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Enhance your application for Intel architecture with Intel® Software Development Tools

Nor-Tech is a Platinum level Intel Technology Partner and provider of certified Intel Cluster Ready solutions. Contact us to learn how you can take full advantage of these performance-oriented development tools.

Intel® Software Development Tools

You’re developing performance applications—and your customers want them to run faster. You want to take advantage of every last bit of processor power, but you don’t have all day to do it. The tools in Intel® Parallel Studio XE make it easier to boost application performance on today’s and tomorrow’s highly parallel processors and coprocessors for high-performance computing (HPC), big data analytics, machine and deep learning, and thousands of other performance-critical applications.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Three editions. One purpose.

  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition is for building fast parallel code with industry-leading compilers, performance libraries, parallel models, and high-performance Python* solutions.
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition has everything in the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Composer Edition plus performance profiler, vectorization and thread advisor, and memory and thread debugger.
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition has everything in the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Professional Edition plus an optimized Intel® MPI Library and MPI profiler and a cluster diagnostic expert system.

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