Biomedical/Life Sciences: Responsive Client Service, Follow Through, Expertise

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“We deliver what we promise. We do what we say. That is really what differentiates us.” Bob Dreis, Nor-Tech’s Senior HPC Account Manager Biomedical Case Study With a focus on accuracy, reliability, fine-tuned customization, and superior performance over the long development cycle, Nor-Tech is a leader in HPC clusters for the biomedical/life sciences sectors including… Read more »

The Perfectly Quiet Office Cluster

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“The cluster is in my office; from my desk you cannot even hear it. It’s an excellent cluster for an office.”Byron Bemis, Senior Research Associate for Owens Corning The Perfectly Quiet Office Cluster Their Challenge Byron Bemis, Senior Research Associate for Owens Corning was looking for a quiet, powerful, and reasonably priced cluster. “Cray had… Read more »

Nor-Tech Uses Seagate Drives to Help Find Gravitational Waves

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Seagate-LIGO Case Study Challenge Find rock-solid storage solutions for ultra high-performance computers used in science, government and military applications. Solution Seagate® enterprise drives Benefits Superior reliability Low power consumption Speed In 1915, Albert Einstein predicted gravitational waves—fallout from astronomical events so catastrophic that they ripple the fabric of space-time itself. It took more than 100… Read more »

Nor-Tech Cluster Proves Instrumental to Groundbreaking Gravitational Wave Discovery

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“The cluster has performed beyond my expectations. I would say that it is one of the fastest computer clusters that anyone that I work with has.” Dr. Geoffrey Lovelace, Assistant Professor of Physics, California State University, Fullerton A California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) HPC cluster, built by Nor-Tech, was at the center of an announcement… Read more »

Top Researchers Rely on Nor-Tech for Key Project’s Massive Computing Requirements

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Download this case study as a PDF The highlight of our relationship with Nor-Tech has been their ability to accommodate our increasing GPU needs in an efficient and sustainable way. Gonzalo Merino, University of Wisconsin, Madison Their Challenge The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, which examines the cosmos from the vantage point of the South Pole, is… Read more »

Nor-Tech’s Easy to Deploy HPCs Lead to Client Confidence

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Download this case study as a PDF Quality equipment that is easy to deploy, consistently good customer service, a competitive price, and a quick turnaround on the order—that’s all we were hoping for. We received that and more. Mo Bachir, Computational Modeling Technology Manager R&D and Technology Center, NAFTA, ContiTech a division of Continental AG… Read more »

Nor-Tech’s HPC solution keeps EcoMotors’ engineers firing on all cylinders

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Download this case study as a PDF Having outgrown the performance available in a single workstation, EcoMotors® engineering upgraded their internal computing capacity to meet the modeling challenges presented by EcoMotors’® revolutionary opposed-piston, opposed-cylinder internal combustion engine. To meet these demands EcoMotors® chose a turnkey HPC-Appliance from Nor-Tech with ANSYS® using Altair PBS Professional® scheduling… Read more »

Nor-Tech HPC-Appliance Helps Design New Internal Combustion Engine

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Download this case study as a PDF The challenge Today’s global market has increased the need to shrink development time for products; especially for companies offering radical new designs to old market products. Successful companies have embraced computer aided engineering (CAE) in their product development to help reduce time to market. To help meet the… Read more »

FAA research for commercial space travel made possible by sealed cluster from Nor-Tech

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Download this case study as a PDF The Challenge As commercial aviation companies prepare to usher in an age of space tourism, regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration are tasked with the challenge of conducting research and collecting data to establish safeguards for the emerging industry.  One area of concern is the amount… Read more »