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Did you know that we are widely acknowledged as one of the leading experts on Linux-based high-performance technology solutions? This expertise is a key qualifier for system builders and integrators since 99.6% of the fastest supercomputers now run Linux. As one of the world’s leading Linux experts, we offer a full range of open source, Linux-based solutions from servers to turn-key HPC clusters.
Consider this: According to IDC, software remains the biggest roadblock for HPC users mainly because of expense, complexity, and for some applications, scarcity. Because open source tools are created by a variety of organizations, there is no single complete solution. End users usually need to work with many open source platforms in order to operate and maintain a cluster.
So while open source software is significantly less expensive, it is extremely complex to integrate, troubleshoot, and maintain.
This is where Nor-Tech shines. Nor-Tech’s engineering team, which averages 10+ years of Linux experience, excels at provisioning, scheduling and resource management of cluster hardware; maximizing compilers and accelerators; and configuring the low latency fabric that connects nodes together. Nor-Tech has the proven ability to deliver Linux-optimized supercomputer systems to a range of markets from enterprise to research to higher ed.

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