Nor-Tech has World’s Best HPC Technology Engineers

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Did you know that our HPC engineers are widely acknowledged as among the most skilled and meticulous software integrators in the industry? They are also leading experts on Linux-based high-performance technology solutions. We offer a full range of open source, Linux-based technology from servers to turn-key HPC solutions. Our engineering team, which averages more than… Read more »

Workstations/PCs Optimized for Education/Engineering Applications

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Don’t need all of the power of HPC technology for your engineering applications? Not right now anyway…Consider a workstation or even PC optimized for your workload. We offer cost-effective, reliable PCs and laptops designed for educational engineering classes and powerful workstations designed for applications that include mid-level engineering. Each PC is expertly optimized for maximum… Read more »

The Best Ruggedized Portable Supercomputer

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Did you know that we offer a ruggedized, portable easy-to-deploy HPC computer? The ruggedized portable cluster brings supercomputing capacity to locations where HPC couldn’t go before. One of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers has already taken advantage of the innovative technology. Others include oil and gas services firms (worldwide), major research universities, and the U.S…. Read more »

Our UW System Contract for Desktops, Laptops, Storage, Compute Nodes and Servers is Approved for Renewal

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Our University of Wisconsin System Contract #15-2308 for desktops, laptops, storage, compute nodes and servers is approved for renewal through Sept. 30, 2019 with two one-year extension options. Approved products include: • Desktops: these have more power, features, flexibility, upgradeability and expandability than comparably priced desktops. In fact, our Voyageur PCs/desktops have been deployed throughout… Read more »

Extremely Quiet HPC Technology

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Because of cost-effective power delivery and leading-edge design, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of the significant benefits of Nor-Tech’s quiet HPC technology—tailor made for a busy office environment. In fact, these powerful computers are so quiet that most people would have to put their ear right on the cabinet to hear it running…. Read more »

Nor-Tech Innovates Instantaneous Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

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We developed an instantaneous bare metal disaster recovery utility as part of our NT-EZ portfolio of HPC solutions for easy deployment, operation and maintenance. Most HPC technology we ship includes this tool. It allows our clients to immediately bring a crashed server back to its original state without jumping through hoops. We are the only… Read more »

HPC technology for AI, big data, deep learning? You can actually repurpose your existing high performance computer to accommodate it.

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First of all if you don’t already have a high performance computer, you will need to get one (from us).  If you do have HPC technology, we can perform a complete software update to repurpose your technology for AI, big data, and DL applications. We have performed these updates on HPC technology more than a… Read more »

Nor-Tech Provides HPC Technology for IceCube and LIGO Nobel Prize Projects

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A major physics discovery was just announced; the first visible detection of a neutrino event. This was made possible by the powerful HPC technology Nor-Tech continues to provide to two Nobel Physics Prize winning projects, IceCube and LIGO. Recently, IceCube was able to visibly pinpoint the source of a neutrino—in this case a blazar. Blazars… Read more »

Want to get the most out of a 4-GPU server?

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With a smart configuration, 4-GPU servers are amazing powerful. Here’s how to get the most out of these versatile devices. First of all, you are probably looking for the best performance per-watt, per square-foot, per-dollar; lowest total cost of ownership and highest quality components and materials. Right? Nor-Tech’s 4-GPU server supports up to 4 active/passive… Read more »