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Nor-Tech has one of the most highly regarded technology engineering teams in the world. They can do everything from minor fixes that solve big problems to complex hardware and software integrations that are beyond the scope of most engineers. They are also leading Linux experts that know how to configure high performance technology for both performance and operational efficiency.
Everyone on our engineering team has been at Nor-Tech for more than 10 years—we just don’t have the turnover that our bigger competitors have. The same engineers that build each client’s HPC technology are easily accessible during business hours to answer questions and explain complicated procedures in non-technical terms.
Our engineers can create a solution for almost any situation; they are energized, rather than defeated, by tough challenges. For example, they developed a solution that allows large-scale scientific projects to run data with much less expensive consumer-grade GPUs—solving a problem that had existed in the HPC community for a decade.
One of the reasons that our engineers have been able to shine is that they have the latitude to innovate. We are very proud of our engineers and also the management, sales and support structure that allow us to be so successful.

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