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We are among the most reliable Lenovo ASPs (Authorized Service Providers) for education-related technology. This means we are a one stop shop for all things Lenovo–ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation. We have been providing education-related technology for more than 15 years to schools across the U.S.; with a focus on Minnesota, the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin.
The ASP status is a significant efficiency benefit for current and future clients, who can now service the technology they purchase from us—with us and, for regional organizations, take advantage of onsite service.
Our sales team works very closely with Lenovo to stay familiar with what’s new and learn what makes the most sense for each client. We also have expertise with Lenovo’s unique financing options. All of this allows us to offer the best technology at the best price. You can handle everything with a single call to Nor-Tech. To contact us call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or email info@nor-tech.com.

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