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We offer leading-edge, cost-competitive Lenovo, HP and Nor-Tech branded Voyageur desktops and PCs.
Among the reasons organizations opt for desktops/PCs from us are:

1. Cost. Our desktops are purpose-optimized —meaning organizations only pay for what they need. This is why we are the price/performance leader.
2. Processing Power. We integrate the most current generation of Intel and AMD CPUs. This means our desktops have more power, features, flexibility and expandability for the price than any other technology.
3. Screen Size. Our desktops can be connected to monitors in a variety of sizes and resolutions and typically support multiple monitors simultaneously.
4. Upgradeability. Upgrading Nor-Tech PC/desktop components, whether with a CPU, graphics card, memory or additional drive, is much easier with Nor-Tech’s use of industry standard/non-proprietary components. Upgrades are much more of a challenge with large manufacturers that require the use of their own proprietary parts.
5. Sturdiness/Repair-ability/Clone-ability. Our desktops are built to survive the day-to-day mishaps that occur in most schools and offices. When necessary, desktop repairs are usually straightforward with little downtime. If damaged beyond repair, Nor-Tech’s desktops are easy to clone.

As a Microsoft MVP Top System Builder Award winner, Intel Platinum Level Technology Provider, Authorized Intel integrator, Platinum-level AMD Solution Provider and Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, we build PCs/desktops and workstations with quality components without adding trial ware, bloat ware, ad ware, or unnecessary platforms. This means each computer is ready to use as soon as it is unboxed. The warranty includes Nor-Tech’s famous industry-leading support, which features:
• U.S. Based. All support inquiries are routed to their Minnesota headquarters.
• Flexibility. They provide several options for support including onsite service.
• No Wait Time. They avoid putting clients on hold.
• Expertise. Their certified support staff averages 10+ years of experience.
• Familiarity. Very often the same team members that built the desktops are the same team members clients speak with for system support.
• Patience. Nor-Tech’s engineers take the time to thoroughly listen before diagnosing the issue. They also explain solutions in terms that those without a deep technology background can understand.
For more information visit: https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/desktops/.
In addition to offering industry-leading desktops/PCs, we are a preferred reseller of Lenovo and HP brand laptops. Lenovo and HP manufacture high quality notebooks that combine the features schools and enterprises need most at a competitive price. Charging carts are also available for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets (including both iPad and Android).
For more information visit: https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/mobile-cart/.

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