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Nor-Tech just announced the integration of open source platform PBS Pro Scheduler into their scalable, high performance entry level clusters.

MINNEAPOLIS (PRWEB) September 21, 2016

Nor-Tech just announced the integration of open source platform PBS Pro Scheduler into their scalable, high performance entry level clusters. Nor-Tech also integrates open source OpenFOAM (CFD) and ParaView (data analysis and visualization) into these clusters.

Nor-Tech’s smartly designed entry level cluster and these three open source platforms (that eliminate steep, recurring licensing fees) remove the high cost of buying and maintaining a cluster. This cost has long been a barrier for many organizations that recognize the need for high performance computing capabilities, but cannot justify the expense of a cluster and associated monthly fees.

Nor-Tech President and CEO David Bollig said, “As far as I know, we are the only HPC cluster builder with a proven product that addresses this issue. The design of the cluster itself and the integration of open source platforms have opened up a new market for us that is an excellent complement to our core enterprise-class HPC cluster business.”

Voted the top HPC platform by HPCwire and time-tested for 20 years, PBS Pro Scheduler facilitates job scheduling and workload management for high performance clusters. PBS Pro is fast, scalable, secure, and resilient, and supports all infrastructure, middleware, and applications. Features include:

  • Scalability: supports millions of cores with fast job dispatch and minimal latency; tested beyond 50,000 nodes
  • Policy-Driven Scheduling: meets unique site goals and SLAs by balancing job turnaround time and utilization with optimal job placement
  • Resiliency: includes automatic fail-over architecture with no single point of failure – jobs are never lost, and jobs continue to run despite failures
  • Flexible Plugin Framework: simplifies administration with enhanced visibility and extensibility; users can customize implementations to meet complex requirements
  • Health Checks: monitors and automatically mitigates faults with a comprehensive health check framework

Altair just released this open source version of PBS Pro. A commercial version is also available. Since it swaps seamlessly with the open source version, it is an excellent option for entry level clusters as they expand along with the organization.

Support for open source platforms is provided by Nor-Tech’s specialist partners through a purchased support package that can be bundled with the cluster. For PBS Pro Scheduler, commercial support is also available from Altair.

Nor-Tech is renowned throughout the scientific, academic, and business communities for easy to deploy turnkey clusters and expert, no wait time support. These entry-level clusters and all of Nor-Tech’s technology is made by Nor-Tech in Minnesota and supported by Nor-Tech around the world. In addition to HPC clusters, Nor-Tech’s custom technology includes workstations, desktops, and servers for a range of applications including CAE, CFD, and FEA. Nor-Tech engineers average 20+ years of experience and are responsible for significant high performance computing innovations. The company has been in business since 1998 and is headquartered in Burnsville, Minn. just outside of Minneapolis. To contact Nor-Tech call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or visit https://www.nor-tech.com. Full release at: https://www.nor-tech.com/category/news/

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