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Nor-Tech is a premier partner in Hewlett-Packard’s newly launched High Performance Computing (HPC) integration partnership program. Nor-Tech will utilize their HPC expertise to provide industry-leading, turnkey clusters on Hewlett-Packard platforms. Customers who value the security of deploying tier one systems can now appreciate Nor-Tech’s full HPC integration services on HP systems.

Hewlett-Packard is recognized in the industry for their highly engineered products. Nor-Tech shares this engineering foundation, producing high quality, thoroughly tested and fully integrated, turnkey HPC solutions that minimize the time between unboxing and productivity.

Nor-Tech’s commitment to fully integrated HPC solutions streamlines the user experience by eliminating the challenges of configuration and deployment.

Nor-Tech’s 15-years of experience in HPC lets you take advantage of our position as a software integration partner for many industry-leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software applications.

Learn more: icon-pdf Partnerships Remove Complexity from HPC Clusters

Nor-Tech is excited about this new HPC partnership with Hewlett-Packard and looks forward to working to meet your organization’s unique challenges. Call 952.808.1000 (toll free: 877.808.1010) or fill out the form below and a Nor-Tech Representative will contact you shortly.

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