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Don’t need all of the power of HPC technology for your engineering applications? Not right now anyway…Consider a workstation or even PC optimized for your workload. We offer cost-effective, reliable PCs and laptops designed for educational engineering classes and powerful workstations designed for applications that include mid-level engineering.
Each PC is expertly optimized for maximum performance in school settings and has more than enough power to perform education-related engineering activities—even at the higher ed level.
Nor-Tech’s workstations are critical powerhouses in disciplines like design engineering, architecture, oil and gas exploration, graphic arts, manufacturing, financial trading, medical imaging and scientific research.
These workstations are performance-oriented and designed for fast processing and accurate results such as quickly number-crunching a significant amount of data or rendering complicated graphics. Multi-monitor and multi-graphic card support and the ability to add hard drives and increase RAM are other key features of Nor-Tech workstations.
Although Nor-Tech is a world-class HPC technology provider, we do realize that not everyone needs that kind of power. In fact, Nor-Tech we built this company on desktops and workstations and take a great deal of pride in developing and delivering high quality equipment—whether it’s sturdy reliable PCs for schools, workstations for finance, or massive clusters for the world’s leading-edge organizations.”
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