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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew ahead of time when you were going to be sick?  You could stock up on reading material, sick-room faves like chicken soup and Kleenex; call in sick weeks ahead of time; and create a ton of whiny texts with gross emojis so all you have to do is hit SEND on the big day…Well, Babylon healthcare, based in the UK, says that they can almost predict when you will get sick.

Combining the computing power of clusters with the medical expertise of humans, the company has amassed perhaps the largest repository of medical content in the world. It has also made advances in various applications of deep learning techniques adapted specifically for healthcare.  The goal is quick and accurate diagnosis via smartphones and tablets and someday the ability to predict (using biology and behavior) when you will get sick.

Babylon CEO Dr. Ali Parsa says, “Babylon scientists predict that we will shortly be able to diagnose and foresee personal health issues better than doctors, but this is about machines and medics co-operating not competing.”

Right now, there are 920,000 Babylon digital healthcare users, mostly using the app for a quick diagnosis (about $30 for a single diagnosis and $6 for a monthly subscription that includes unlimited diagnoses—I know, pricing makes no sense).

So hold off on those wedding plans, that cruise booking, and paying the marathon entry fee until Babylon hones their prediction capabilities.  In the meantime, just “enjoy” all the surprises Mother Nature has in store.

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