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The answer is yes. We have the capacity to repurpose most existing HPC technology for big data applications such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning.
Right now we are working with a long-term government client to repurpose their existing Nor-Tech HPC technology for machine learning applications. The project includes installation of Bright Cluster Manager; Scientific Linux 7.x, 16; PBS Pro Job Scheduler; and Bioinformatics software.
We have an engineering team that rivals those of the top HPC technology companies in the world. Coupled with access to the expertise at organizations such as Intel, NVIDIA, Bright, Linux, etc., we can build and refresh HPC technology for almost any application.
With nearly 20 years of high performance technology design, development, deployment and implementation expertise and a solid bench of hardware and software partners, we are uniquely positioned to repurpose/optimize HPC technology specifically for applications that rely on big data capabilities.
We also excel at building technology for big data from the ground up with top tier hardware—typically NVIDIA GPUs and Intel processors– fully leveraged with industry-leading software. Nor-Tech is a Certified NVIDIA Accelerated Computing Partner and an Intel Select Solutions Provider for HPC.
Don’t forget that the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel high performance processors, Bright Cluster Manager and much more are all available for a test drive on Nor-Tech’s demo technology, which is a free opportunity for organizations to trial hardware and software or integrate their own software to see how much faster it will run. Call 877-808-1010 or email: info@nor-tech.com.

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