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Look no further. Nor-Tech is the premier builder of high performance clusters, servers, and workstations for research institutions such as Cal-Tech, Syracuse University, and The University of Colorado. In fact we continue to build high performance technology for the LIGO Gravitational Wave and IceCube Nobel Physics Prize-winning projects.

So why do the world’s leading research institutions prefer to work with us?
• Expertise: our engineers average more than 20 years of experience.
• Quality: a solidly-designed hardware foundation to help hit benchmarks
• Easy deployment: we work hard to ensure that technology, including applications, is straightforward to deploy from day one.
• No wait-time support—always.

And then there’s our no-cost, no-strings demo cluster, integrated with the latest hardware and software. If you want to see the difference leading-edge software will make on your existing cluster or test your code on high-end platforms before making a commitment, take advantage of our demo cluster now. Call 877-808-1010; Live Chat now at www.nor-tech.com or email: info@www.nor-tech.com.

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