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Our fully customizable Voyageur-branded workstations are integrated with a range of applications. These are the most efficient, effective and high performing workstations available. Features include:
1. Purpose Built. Workstations can be tailored to a particular industry or function to optimize productivity and results and reduce time needed to complete tasks.
2. Cost/Performance. While the investment in a workstation is typically more than that of a standard desktop, the increased ROI gained by using a purpose built, more powerful, higher performance system reduces the cost of doing business and improves productivity.
3. Power. Voyageur workstations can be optimized to handle tasks such as animation, data analysis, CAD, video and audio creation and editing, and even some simulations; they can support multiple professional-grade graphics cards. Even an entry-level workstation can be configured with about twice the memory of a desktop.
4. Durability. Each part (motherboard, CPU, RAM, internal drives, video cards, etc.) is typically more robust than desktop components and is selected with the expectation that users need peak performance 24/7/365.
5. Speed. Speed gains can be significant; for example the same file that opens in 15 seconds on a desktop can open in as little as two seconds on a workstation.
6. Flexibility. Voyageur workstations can be configured with more processors than a PC–and processors that are more powerful. They can run up to eight high-end graphics cards for CUDA or OpenCL computations or even use Intel Phi co-processors all for parallel computing. RAID configurations or massive amounts of memory, enterprise-class SSD drives and more are available.
7. Expandability. Voyageur workstations are designed from the ground up to make it easy to add hard drives, increase RAM, add graphics cards, etc. and maximize ROI.

We design and build workstations relied on by industry leaders—from architects to product designers to financial traders to medical/research professionals, to software designers and engineers.
With the latest enhancements and the incorporation of solid-state drives (SSDs), caches and ultra-high performance video cards, our Voyageur workstations are extremely powerful and easy to deploy. Solutions range from ultra-compact to mobile to some of the most advanced workstations in the world. For more info visit: https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/nor-techs-high-performing-workstations/.

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