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Did you know that we offer a full line of Lenovo computers for schools, including Lenovo mini computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and desktops? We also customize-to-spec our own cost-effective Voyageur desktops for schools. The technology we provide to classrooms is:
• Designed for teachers: Easy to deploy and intuitive to use.
• Optimized for the learning experience: access to resources, information and functionality in 1-2 clicks.
• Powerful: Many of the tiny systems, laptops, Chromebooks and desktops have more power, features, flexibility and expandability for the price than any other technology.
• Sturdy/Repairable: Our technology is built to survive the day-to-day mishaps that occur in classrooms. When necessary, repairs are straightforward with little downtime. If damaged beyond repair, Voyageur desktops are easy for us to clone.
To find out more about our computers for K-12 schools, visit:

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