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Best clusters, workstations for artificial intelligenceOK, you probably already know that we are the top Linux experts.  So how does that translate to AI and machine learning? Our engineers are familiar with just about every type of software (including open source) on the planet—and if they aren’t, they are bright enough to get up to speed quickly.  We also pride ourselves on building the world’s easiest to deploy clusters and workstations.

So when it comes to technology for artificial intelligence and machine learning, we build technology equipped with the best performing hardware that comes fully integrated with the best software for the job. We design everything so that the average person with basic skills can deploy it.

For example, we build AI/ML clusters and workstations with top tier hardware that includes NVIDIA Volta and Tesla GPUs and Skylake Processors. Basic software includes Bright Cluster Manager with AI/ML functionality. We are a Certified NVIDIA Accelerated Computing Partner and an Intel Select Solutions Provider for HPC.

NVIDIA Volta and Tesla GPUs, Skylake Processors, and Bright Cluster Manager (along with a long list of leading-edge hardware and software) are available for a free test drive on our demo cluster.

To reiterate, our engineers are smart.  Right now they are working with a long-term government client to repurpose their existing Nor-Tech cluster for a machine-learning application. The project includes installation of Bright Cluster Manager; Scientific Linux 7.x, 16; PBS Pro Job Scheduler; and Bioinformatics software. Check out the demo cluster at https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/hpc/demo-cluster/, give us a call at 877-808-1010; or Live Chat now at www.nor-tech.com.

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