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Did you know that engineers without high level technology skills can easily take advantage of the computing power of supercomputers? Our solutions are almost as easy to set up and use as a desktop.
Very often, the very people who need high performance supercomputers the most, are the ones with limited technology skills. Up until now, this presented a problem for them: getting the computing and storage capacity they need in a machine that is simple to deploy and use.
We recognized the problem a while ago and created a protocol for configuring, testing, setting up, deploying, and supporting their custom HPC technology. This allows CAE clients to focus on the task at hand without wasting time troubleshooting set-up and deployment issues.
For example, a leading innovator and technological pioneer for rubber and plastics products took advantage of Nor-Tech’s easy-to-deploy supercomputers. With more than 40,000 employees in more than 40 countries, their business depends on being able to respond quickly to important technological trends. This requires a significant amount of computing power and storage. They already had an aging HPC computer in place and wanted to update with a second device.
However, one of the company’s primary concerns was ease of deployment and maintenance.
Nor-Tech built the new supercomputer and invited the client to the Nor-Tech facility to ensure that they were completely comfortable with the equipment. Prior to shipment, the client was able to access the technology remotely and submit jobs. Nor-Tech also handled the setup onsite. Two hours from the time the first box was opened, the client was running test code. They have had no issues since.
Ultimately we delivered a solution with the computing power our client needed; and that was easy for them to maintain long-term. It is also 2-3 times faster than their original supercomputer. With the dramatic increase in speed, our client’s design engineers get the answers they need in a matter of hours rather than days.
Don’t forget that Nor-Tech offers a demo cluster geared toward CAE/CFD/FEA applications.
The cluster is designed to demonstrate the ease of transitioning to high performance computers as well as the rapid ROI realized by moving from workstations to HPC technology.

Try our free demo cluster

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