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Because of cost-effective power delivery and leading-edge design, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of the significant benefits of Nor-Tech’s quiet HPC technology—tailor made for a busy office environment. In fact, these powerful computers are so quiet that most people would have to put their ear right on the cabinet to hear it running.
One of the primary roadblocks to upgrading from a workstation to a supercomputer until now has been noise. The noise isn’t an issue for larger companies that typically have a dedicated server room, but for any organization that needs to place the technology in an office environment, noise is a factor.
Nor-Tech has solved this problem by introducing a low-noise cabinet that makes the sound almost imperceptible. Great candidates for this solution are:
• Engineering groups that need to speed up simulation and modeling processing by upgrading from a workstation, but have no datacenter for the technology.
• Businesses that have a datacenter, but need a mobile, versatile computer that can be shared outside the datacenter.
Nor-Tech’s low-noise technology cabinets feature:
• 28.5dBA noise reduction – up to five times quieter than a standard cabinet.
• 7.2kW heat dissipation – dissipated heat is equivalent to seven, single-bar electric radiators.
• Expandability: Nor-Tech recommends ordering a cabinet big enough to allow for future expandability.
• Portability: the cabinets are equipped with castors.
• Compatibility with all server configurations, including blade servers.
• Options: dust filters, ventilation systems, cable entry boxes, etc.
• A range of heights: 12U, 24U, and 42U (all are 30.7 inches wide and 43.3 inches deep)

For reference, a single blade server produces about 78dBA of noise; 70dBA is equivalent to the volume of a vacuum cleaner. Removing 28.5dBA reduces the sound to a level that is halfway between normal conversation and a whisper. This means most people will not be able to hear the technology operating inside the cabinet. The record-breaking sound reduction factor was independently verified by MIRA Test Laboratories, which conducts sound power measurement in accordance with ISO3744.

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