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We developed an instantaneous bare metal disaster recovery utility as part of our NT-EZ portfolio of HPC solutions for easy deployment, operation and maintenance.
Most HPC technology we ship includes this tool. It allows our clients to immediately bring a crashed server back to its original state without jumping through hoops. We are the only technology builder and integrator that offers this expensive third party utility at no cost.
Bare metal recovery is a backup for applications, operating systems, and data. Under most circumstances, it is extremely difficult for a client to implement without expertise and ultimately taking the computer offline. Nor-Tech’s bare metal recovery utility has three advantages:

1. In most cases (depending on configuration) the backup can be initiated and completed without taking the computer offline. In all cases, there is either zero or significantly less disruption to existing work.
2. Instead of days, recovery takes 30 minutes or less.
3. It is much less expensive and just as reliable as what is currently on the market. Products by Acronis, Carbonite, and Symantec cost $1,000s of dollars. Nor-Tech is offering this proprietary tool at no additional cost for new technology.
This bare metal recovery tool is one of six HPC deployment, operation and maintenance utilities in the company’s NT-EZ solutions portfolio.

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