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Looking for no cost, no strings test drive of AMD Milan? Look no further!  Nor-Tech’s demo cluster is also capable of benchmarking  hundreds of other applications including  Ansys Fluent and Dassault Abaqus. Every demo is finalized in a comprehensive results report.

The 3rd Gen EPYC 7003/Milan processor  is the world’s highest performing server processor; offering outstanding performance across a wide spectrum of industry standard applications. It provides a full feature set across the stack with industry leading I/O, 7nm x86 CPU technology, and an integrated security processor on die. EPYC 7003 CPUs provide up to 32MB of L3 cache per core, 4-6-8 memory channel interleaving designed for better economies and performance in multiple DIMM configurations, plus synchronized clocks between fabric and memory–all driving better, faster time to results.

From traditional application deployment to the latest innovations, AMD EPYC Milan processors deliver system resources and capacity that the most demanding applications require. AMD is constantly increasing its software optimization footprint to help ensure applications leverage all the innovations of AMD EPYC processors.

Built into the silicon, AMD Infinity Guard is a suite of advanced security features designed to defend against internal and external threats attacking data and decrease potential attack surfaces as software is booted and executed. Featuring AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization technologies strengthened with Secure Nested Paging, AMD is powering breakthrough data security advancements, such as confidential computing.

AMD EPYC 7003 series scale from 8 to 64 cores (or 16 to 128 threads per socket). No other x86 server processor achieves this level of core density. With AMD EPYC 7003, users get superior workload performance to deliver the resources their applications require.

AMD collaborates with major infrastructure and software vendors as well as the open-source community to help ensure applications and solutions are optimized to work exceptionally well with EPYC powered servers.

To find out more about Nor-Tech’s HPC technology integrated with AMD Milan, or to sign up for a demo, visit https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/hpc/demo-cluster/amd-epyc or call 877-808-1010.

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