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Looking to test the return/dollar ratio of AMD EPYC?  You can sign up directly on our demo cluster page: This is a no-strings, no-cost opportunity. It’s a great way to experience the powerful performance and return on investment of this fantastic processor without making any commitment.  We are so confident that you’ll like the results that we will give you a report that you can share with colleagues and decision makers before you commit.


By using our demo cluster you will learn:

  • How the performance/dollar compares with what you are using now
  • How the performance/dollar compares with alternatives on the market



2nd Gen AMD EPYC is a new breed of server processors with more power, smarter features, and advanced security.


Pure Server Performance

AMD is the very first manufacturer to market an x86-architecture server processor based on 7nm technology. With double the core-density and optimizations to the IPC, the result is 2x the integer performance, and 4x the floating-point performance of AMD’s previous server product family.


Integrated Security

Featuring advanced security features and a silicon embedded security subsystem, the AMD EPYC 7002 Series processors are ‘hardened at the core’ helping customers guard their most important assets: data. The AMD EPYC server processor helps safeguard application privacy and integrity by enabling the encryption of each virtual machine and hypervisor using one of 509 available and unique encryption keys managed by a dedicated security processor.


Sign up for a free trial today at https://www.nor-tech.com/solutions/hpc/demo-cluster/amd-epyc/ or contact us to find out more: 877-808-1010 info@nor-tech.com.

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